Training & Technical Assistance Center

Appalachian Kentucky Health Care Access Network (AKHCAN)
Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Model


AKHCAN supports CHW programming as an effective strategy for improving healthcare outcomes for people facing health related barriers. The effectiveness of CHW programming is dependent on many factors, none of which are more important than quality training.

The competency based and comprehensive AKHCAN Training Model includes curricula developed by AKHCAN, as well as national, state and local experts. AKHCAN, after thorough research and dialogue with other states, has adopted valuable content used throughout the nation and material currently employed CHWs have assessed to be relevant to their work.

It is delivered via a combination of classroom and online settings, incorporates adult learning principles and addresses visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. The AKHCAN Training Model arms CHWs with knowledge and skills related to eight specific core competencies which serve as the center stone of quality CHW programming.

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