Evaluations are always used for training sessions to ensure AKHCAN is providing quality training.

The graphic below provides a snapshot of responses from a sample of 137 evaluations.

Comments from AKHCAN Training Sessions
“This was informative, fun and very useful! Thank you!”
“Actually made documentation fun and interesting! Thank you!“
“It was interesting to learn about Appalachian history!”
“Thank you all for bringing light to a very dark topic!”
“Presenter was extremely knowledgeable and open to questions! Thank you!”
“Great presenter!”
“Presenter made it fun and engaging. Love how we all are able to have extra dialog about certain topics. Great job ladies.”
“Great visual aid/pictures. Enjoyed sharing experiences!”
“Much needed. Great job!”
“Amazing knowledge! Thank you!”
“Great presentation!” “Really think this gentleman hit the mark on the knowledge of addiction!”
Thank you so much for the presentation for CHWs to be on the lookout.”
“Good presentation.”
” Very informative information and knowledge. Kept me engaged.“
“Excellent presenter! Wish everyone could be here!”


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